Entrepreneurial Joy

Welcome to Entrepreneurial Joy, a site created for those wishing to make their own way in life as an entrepreneur with expert advice and solutions to a variety of problems that people find along their journey.

First, what exactly is an entrepreneur? Here is the dictionary definition:

"Entrepreneur: A person who organizes, manages, and assumes the risk of a business."

On other words: Your career is your business

What Do You Do?

entrepreneurial joyA big question of many people who are teetering in the brink of realizing their entrepreneurial leanings is what they should actually go ahead and do. A lot of budding self motivators find themselves breaking away from the common mindset of:

The problem for many is that not following that time honored path can be pretty scary. In fact, it terrifies many people to the extent that the very thought of breaking out of the mold and living their life on their own wits and abilities is too frightening and they don't go through with it!

But when you are determined to do something, no matter how big and daunting it may seem, you can achieve your dreams through sheer power of will, determination, perseverance and a willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed. And succeed you will!

The Path to Success

This website is here to help and provide the perfect interval in time to set you along the right path to success. It is here to guide you through the scary times and provide a light to follow that will clarify the path you must take if you really and truly want to be your own person, lead life on your terms and never again be a slave to the "system" that has almost everybody else fooled into thinking it's the only way.

The options available to you are as endless as your imagination can come up with. Everything from building your own company from the ground up to starting with little more than a dust bureau of insignificance and transforming something small into something big.

It doesn't matter if you are afraid of creating a corporate monster or just opening a small local store, the fear is the same but the results of overcoming that fear and turning it into success can be phenomenal.

A Learning Resource

One of the most important thing that you can do with your time is to devote some of it to study. The more you can learn about business, how it is run and how to be successful, the better of a start you will have when you take the plunge and jump into the world of entrepreneurship for yourself.

Being successful takes a combination of knowledge, courage and determination. These, when combined with the right kind of work ethic where you are comfortable working toward your goal and going the extra mile when needed is the recipe that will make the things happen that you want to happen.