Private School Spotlight: Chris Kimball, President of Cal Lutheran University

For the past 17 years, Cal Lutheran University has placed among the top 20 universities in the West. Recently, the U.S. News and World Report ranked CLU #18 in its 2012 list of Western Regional Universities. Managing CLU's vision, and continuing the institution's success is President, Chris Kimball.

Well known in academic circles, and a widely published author and speaker on academic affairs, Kimball became the seventh president of CLU on April 1st 2008 and continues to help CLU reach its academic goals. In addition to his role as president, Kimball, Ph.D in Early American History, has also held various positions at CLU, including Provost, and VP of academic affairs.

In's sit down with CLU's seventh President, Kimball discusses his work experience in academia, how he implements his strategic plan, being the public face of an academic institution, and reaching institutional goals during troubled economic times. Kimball also examines the ever changing educational landscape, and experience to consider before making the move into graduate school.

That interview has been retracted for the time being.

Teaching, Learning, Understanding

There are many ways in which we can continue with our own personal education as we go through life. One of the best ways is to choose a subject that interests us and then learn how to teach it to others.

The trick there is of course that we have to learn all that we can about that subject first before we can feel qualified or at least justified in transmitting our new-found knowledge to others in such a way that they will benefit from out own understanding and ability to communicate it thanks to enthisiasm and a willingness to do the best we can do.

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However you make inroads into furthering your own education, the bottom line is to do something to improve yourself and your capabilities in whatever calling you choose to pursue.