How to Make Money Doing Online Surveys

There are ever more people wanting to know how to make money doing online surveys, especially in the current climate where job security is not what it once was.

While you won't make a lot of money working from home, there are ways to earn some extra cash by doing online surveys. Here's how.

There are very few legitimate ways to make money at home while wearing sweatpants, eating Cheetos, and doing it from your surveys

Opportunities Working at Home

Most "work from home" opportunities seem too good to be true unless you have years of experience building your business or have the right skills.

However, the popularity of paid surveys online has made me more aware of the small ways you can make money online. This is through market research panels and surveys.

They Need You!

Hundreds of companies seek feedback from people like you about their products, services, and ideas at any given moment. This isn't a way for you to make quick money or even get rich.

It could be a way to make a few more dollars for something as simple as scrolling through Netflix.

You will need to complete some demographic information before you can sign up for the polls that interest you.

Important: Before you can start, confirm your email address. You'll then be notified when companies need you to participate in their survey.

After you have earned enough, you can request a payment.

Where to Find Paid Survey Sites

Finding these sites is not difficult and many can be located via the search engines. However, they're not all as good as they appear.

To save you some time and concerns, I've put together some legit sites that you might want to try first to make money from home doing surveys.

These are the top three websites you can use to request a payout right now:


Swagbucks allows you to earn points by shopping online, searching the internet and answering surveys.

Redeem your points to get gift cards for stores such as Amazon and Walmart. You could also get cash back to PayPal.


MyPoints is not a survey-taking website, but you can still earn cash when you shop through them.

MyPoints allows you to earn points at top stores like Target, Walmart and Best Buy. These points can be used to redeem gift cards and PayPal credits.

MyPoints can also help you find coupons codes for tons online stores.

National Consumer Panel

The National Consumer Panel (NCP), works in a slightly different way. You must accept to have a barcode scanner sent to you.

Follow the instructions to scan products and complete follow-up surveys. Points can be used to redeem for Visa gift cards and cash. A quarterly drawing is held for $20,000 cash prizes.

Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll offers gift cards to those who take online and mobile surveys, focus groups and telephone surveys. Earn as little as $10 to redeem rewards.

You can redeem gift cards for, Home Depot. Starbucks. iTunes. Walmart. Even disqualified surveys will earn you points.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost, another popular survey site, rewards you with cash and gift cards for taking part in online and mobile surveys.

Sign up now to automatically get a chance to win $10,000. Each quarter, you can also earn additional entries.

You have the option to redeem your rewards for Amazon and iTunes gift card, PayPal cash, cash donations, charity donations, sweepstakes entries, and cash via PayPal. After earning $5, you can redeem your reward for gift cards or cash.

What to Expect

Every survey provider offers different surveys and focus areas and can contribute to your changing fortunes while working from home.

Don't be discouraged if you don't find a lot of surveys with the company that you sign up. You can either check your site periodically or receive an email from most sites when there is a matching study, so there will always be opportunities for making money.

While this won't exactly qualify you for becoming an entrepreneur in your own right, it can provide you with some side income that may just make the difference between sink or swim in this uncertain financial climate.

Points can be earned for taking part in surveys or, on some sites, reviewing products. You also have the option to opt out of anonymously monitoring which websites you visit.

Once you have enough points to buy $5 or $10 worth of goods, you can cash them in according to the site's policies. Many sites will send you a gift card or credit cash via PayPal within 10-15 days.