How to Produce Killer Sales Copy (in 3 Easy Steps)

If you wondered how you can produce totally killer sales copy for your promotion campaigns as an Internet Marketer, here are three steps you can follow to help you break into this area of the "making money online" business.

As online marketers in particular, or in fact almost any kind of business owner or entrepreneur, being able to sell whatever it is that you're selling through the written word is a very important factor the vast majority of us can agree on.

That factor is on how to craft excellent sales copy and do it in such a way to make it an effort-free task. There are many things that you need to perform very well in order to create the kind of attractive and effective sales copy that converts a large proportion of viewers into paying customers.

There are many vital elements for creating mind blowing sales copy, there is no argument there! However three of these jump out above the rest. To make life a little easier, I will present them to you below.

1) Write for the Target Audience

One of the most essential, positive and effective tricks for generating a great script that actually converts for your internet marketing business is to write it specifically for your target market. To do this, you'll want to envisage a precise type of person and keep that in mind when you're writing it.

That means that it's important to know exactly who your potential client or customer will be and precisely what it is that they need. One way of accomplishing that, is to set about forming an image in your thoughts of what your ideal customer looks like. Then write directly for that person.

If you target your sales copy to a particular demographic and then drill down to a virtual "person" you are writing to that signifies your market it may become personal for everyone that reads it. Making your writing personal will go a long way to helping the content to genuinely touch the reader on a more intense level.

The resulting content will make more and more people want to purchase whatever it is that you are offering.

2) Use their Emotions

People today purchase items determined by their emotions for immediate gratification, at least most of the time. That is why you hear the phrase, "impulse buy" so frequently. For that reason, playing on the reader's emotions is imperative for crafting the most effective sales script.

Your goal is to access their minds on a psychological level. The easiest way to achieve that is to discuss issues that they can identify with. By creative use of words, paint a picture in their thoughts of precisely how wonderful their life will be or what huge benefit they will enjoy if only they had the whatever it is that you are marketing.

3) Focus on the Advantages

Another important word of advice I can give you for writing effective product sales copy is to focus heavily on the advantages for the potential buyer. You don't merely want to inform your reader of all the great things that the product or service does.

Citing a number of top features, no matter how attractive they may be, will rarely, if ever trigger a shopper to actually purchase. What you need to do is take it that one step further for them. You should show the viewer what these amazing things will do for them, how they can solve a problem they might have, or why it is something that is highly desirable to own.

You need them to know what the benefits are and get them to picture how incredible they are if they owned the product.

Never simply explain what a product does; you need to tell them what it will do for the consumer!

OK, that is more or less much of what you'll need to understand at this juncture for getting yourself started. To summarize, the above three crucial tips for creating awesome sales copy are, in a nutshell:

  1. Write for your target market
  2. Use their emotions
  3. Concentrate on the advantages for them

As already mentioned, there are lots of additional factors, but these are without doubt the main three and the most essential ones. Just be certain you can always recall these points when you are writing your own sales copy for the products and/or services that you are promoting.