How to Become an Entrepreneur

If you have a desire to experience a better, more affluent way of life, then learning how to become an entrepreneur should be high on your list of things to do.

As long as you are prepared to take no small measure of risk in the financial department and you consider yourself capable of taking on a whole different work ethic, entrepreneurship may well be for you.

Leaving the world of safe, dependable employment behind might be scary for a lot of people. After all, declining the safety net of a regular wage to go out and take huge financial risks is not something the average person would even consider.

Yet the rich rewards that potentially await the successful business person can be enough of an attraction to make the risk worthwhile and for some, obligatory.

What Do Entrepreneurs Have in Common?

There are various aspects that most entrepreneurs have in common. These include a strong desire to succeed, a willingness to make mistakes, the ability to stay highly motivated during both good and bad times and a worth ethic that sees them go that extra mile, to name just a to become an entrepreneur

It is paradoxical that to become a success, we have to embrace failure. No one gets things right 100% of the time.

However, the more we try, the more success (and failure) we are likely to enjoy. It is accepting that failure is part of the process towards success that allows us to succeed.

Moreover, for many of us, it is not the success, in and of itself, which drives us, but rather the journey that we enjoy.

How many entrepreneurs grow a successful business only to sell it and start all over again? It is the challenge that drives us. Becoming successful rather than being successful, if you see the difference.


I have found that I am more able to motivate myself when I am treating my body well. For instance, being well rested; in other words, getting enough sleep, meditating, practising yoga and so on really help me stay focused.

In addition to this, nutrition is another important factor to consider. The doctors always say we should eat more fruits and vegetables, this is something I'm actively trying to do every day.

If you have a great interest in your health, your knowledge and enthusiasm can be the source of content for a website in that area. There are many high commission products you could promote through such a website to make money, writing about something you love (perhaps related to healthy fruits and vegetables).

In a sense, running a website is like being an entrepreneur when it is set up to make money for its owner.

Success is not always about growing a business (financial success), it can be as pure as spreading the message about things we love or that are important to us.

What Makes a Good Entrepreneur?

Although it's probably easier nowadays to become an entrepreneur, it certainly hasn't become easier to succeed.

There are certainly more opportunities and developments like the web mean you don't have to find tens of thousands for even the smallest start up. But this has all led to increased competition in most markets and only the very best entrepreneurs will succeed.

So what sort of qualities does today's successful independent businessman or woman need? What do you need to make you a successful entrepreneur despite the potential for changing fortunes?

Well experts obviously differ on the qualities needed but without doubt an essential one is to be very passionate. If you're not passionate about what you're working on you're very likely to fail.

Passion will drive you forward when things get tough and also it supplies passion in others. That's right, it's infectious and when other people start believing your dream you're well on your way to success.


Delegation is another important quality that is a huge benefit. Whatever your business, there will come a point when you are not able to do everything.

The people who try usually burn out, their business doesn't grow it consumes them until the rewards outweigh the benefits. Make sure you always outsource or delegate tasks which are not best use of your time.

It sounds odd, but another important talent is the ability to fail. Not every idea is going to work, perhaps it's only an aspect or component of your business. The people who succeed in life are the ones who take risks, but risks imply the possibility of failure.

You have to appreciate this possibility and most importantly accept when something has failed. Failure doesn't have to be a negative thing, there are positive implications in that 'you've tried something' plus the lessons that can be learned from the failure.

There are many entrepreneurs throughout history who demonstrate these qualities. We've all probably got our own favourites. For me sitting here with that wonderful piece of technology in front of me called the iPad, it's Steve Jobs.

His dream is in front of me, currently connected to the Internet to allow me to watch my favourite videos when I want to. He took many risks and inspired a generation with a passion for technology.

To succeed as an entrepreneur, you should have a role model that you take inspiration from, because being inspired is a motivational factor that leads to success.