Being a Digital Entrepreneur

There are many reasons why people hesitate about starting a new business, but being a digital entrepreneur has many benefits that outweigh the fear of freedom.

One of the biggest ones is the huge financial risk that it can entail, when you look at the cost of staff, premises, rates and insurance it can seem quite daunting even for a relatively modest start up.

However there are options and the internet has given us the biggest one by far. It's brought the chance to start a business within reach of almost anyone with an idea and some application.

Global Market

digital nomad entrepreneurThe internet gives you access to a global market and although not all goods and services can be sold directly online, there's almost always a way you can adapt a physical business to an online one with some thought.

The advantages are numerous though. Your start up costs can really be minimised, some web space, perhaps a designer to get you started, a few tools and the rest can be accomplished with hard work while you work from home in comfort.

If you're not based in your target market then you might need to invest in a proxy service to change your IP address. There's a good example here, this may not be necessary though.

The only problem is that the options to grow a decent online business can be quite numerous and it's difficult to focus. Do you create a static website, a Wordpress blog or even start with something simple on Facebook to begin?

The principle is the same for everything though, you need to reach your target audience with your product or service. If you don't have a product of your own there are still options.

Affiliate Marketing

Check out affiliate marketing on the internet, here you sell someone else's product in return for a commission payment. This option is a great way to start as you don't even need stock of your own and you can still build a potentially successful business.

There is hope that the internet will bring prosperity to developing nations such as those in Africa. The infrastructure is slowly being built and it's estimated that Africa will become one of the biggest global markets in the years to come.

Mobile phones have already brought huge changes to the economies of some of the poorest African nations, in some cases forming the basis of micro-finance loans to enable start up businesses.

Who knows what further changes the internet will bring to our lives, but one things certain if you want to start up your own business. There won't be a better time than now.

Entrepreneurship when Traveling

Much has been written about entrepreneurs. They form part of modern capitalist legend.

The notion that one man or woman can set up a business and go from rags to riches. Steve Jobs went from making computers in his garage to heading up one of the most successful American companies of all time.

Becoming an entrepreneur has many rewards and while it may appear to others that you may be lucky, but it is mostly down to hard work, determination and the intelligence of the person who takes the business gamble to set up by him or herself.

What is less talked about is the entrepreneurial possibilities of travel.

Thomas Cooke is perhaps the most famous travel entrepreneur. He went from organizing church group outings to setting up the first package holiday business and even pioneering the travellers' cheque.

Freedom to Travel

Nowadays, there is a growing group of people both young and old who are keen to make a life for themselves traveling around the world. Airplane tickets and hostel rooms are becoming more expensive and such activities as hitch hiking are becoming less acceptable.

Getting by on little cash requires similar skills as growing a business from humble beginnings. An eye for an opportunity is needed.

Some of the opportunities for traveling cheaply include crewing on a yacht, teaching scuba diving, joining a band and working in a hostel.

Often these jobs provide nothing more than 'pocket money' but they allow people to stay in a place longer or to travel for free. A few lucky ones manage to stay in a foreign clime long enough to start their own dive shop, bar etc. and start to make real money.

Of cause the caveat is that when you become successful in your foreign business you are tied to one place, and find it difficult to continue traveling. Such is the irony of entrepreneurship when traveling.