Welcome once again to the Entrepreneurial Joy at www.entrepreneurialjoy.com where you can find the information you're interested in by being (or becoming) an entrepreneur in your own right and leaving the world of working for a boss behind you!

So what does this website have in store for you and who is behind the content published in here?

Who Am I?

steven garretI'm Steven Garret, a long-time digital entrepreneur who makes money using the Internet as my platform and a heap of knowledge, experience and skill to use the tools I have available to keep the cash rolling in my direction!

There are many incredible benefits to being your own boss and running your own business. Perhaps the most important of these is achieving financial and time freedom.

These are two assets that are extremely difficult to achieve when working as an employee for a company. This is because to have true financial freedom, you literally need to be able to earn more money than you can realistically spend and have that as a steady, recurring and mostly passive income.

Having a mostly passive source if income means you get what is known as "time freedom." This is where more of your time is yours to do as you please because your income generation is happening without you needing to be there in person.

Time freedom is perhaps the most valuable asset of all, because time is the one thing that you can never save up or take back once it is used. You get only one lifetime and that is a finite entity that will run out when it runs out.

So it makes sense to make the most of that time in living the way you want to live rather than having to live someone else's life by having a proportion of your time dedicated to someone else's business instead of your own!

This is entrepreneurship and why it is such an attractive option to consider when considering what it is that you want to do with your life with regards to making an income and creating your own personal wealth.